Copenhagen, August 30th - September 1st, 2002


Cancellation of hotel accommodation:

In case of cancellation the paid hotel deposit will be refunded, less an administration fee of DKK 200, if written notice has been received by Conventum Congress Service before July 1st.


From Copenhagen Airport to the Scandic Hotel Copenhagen: A train departs every 20 minutes from the airport (main terminal) to the Central Railway Station where there is a 5-10 minute walk to the hotel. (Taxi fare from the station to the hotel is around DKK 40.00). The train costs approx. DKK 20 per person.

A taxi from the Airport to Scandic Hotel Copenhagen costs approx. DKK 175.

 Social Events:

On Saturday August 31st there will be a conference dinner at the Scandic Hotel Copenhagen. The dinner is optional and the price is DKK 500. Informal dress.

On Sunday, September 1st an informal farewell lunch is planned. This lunch is optional and the price is DKK 210 per person and it includes the lunch, a beer/soft drink, and coffee.


August in Denmark is usually sunny and warm though rain may occur. The average temperature is 18°-20° Celsius (64,4°-68,0° Fahrenheit).


The lectures will be given in English, and will be simultaneously translated into Danish. Headphones will be provided for those who wish to hear the lectures in Danish. The workshops in the afternoon, will however not be translated into Danish.


Each participant will receive a badge upon registration at the conference venue. All participants are requested to wear their badge throughout the conference as this gives admittance to the conference rooms and the lunch on Friday and Saturday.



 Conference venue:

Scandic Hotel Copenhagen Vester Søgade 6, 1601 Copenhagen V, Denmark


Conference Secretariat:


Before and after the conference:

During the conference:

CONVENTUM Congress Service
Carit Etlarsvej 3
Frederiksberg C 
Tel.: +45-3331 0847
Fax: +45-3325 2283
Health -Trends 2002
Scandic Hotel Copenhagen 
Vester Søgade 6
DK-1601 Copenhagen V
Tel.: +45-33 75 71 64
Fax: +45-33 14 35 37


 Opening Hours:


 August 30th

 07.30 - 18.30


August 31st

 08.00 - 17.00


      September 01st

 08.00 - 13.00


Registration fees:

The conference fee is: DKK 3.200.

For early registration before May 1st, 2002 the fee is DKK 2.800.

The fee provides each individual with: Admission to the conference all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday; An information packet; Lectures are simultaneously translated from English into Danish; Tea, coffee and fruit throughout the conference; A luxury buffet lunch Friday and Saturday; Conference banquet on Saturday evening, with entertainment. (Optional – with the additional of 500 DKK).


Registered participants who are unable to attend the conference may have their money refunded, less a cancellation fee of DKK 250, provided written notice of non-attendance is received by the Conference Secretariat not later than July 1st. After this no refund can be expected.

Hotel reservation:

The Conference Secretariat can offer participants hotel rooms at a special discount conference price. Rooms will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that this period is peak season. Rooms will only be booked upon receipt of the hotel deposit as indicated on the registration form. The paid deposit will be deducted from your hotel bill upon checking out.


Please print the following form and send via Fax:

Return this form together with your payment to: Health-Trends, c/o Conventum Congress Service,

Carit Etlars Vej 3, DK-1814 Frederiksberg C, Denmark  Tel: +45 33 31 08 47 Fax: +45 33 25 22 83


PARTICIPANT (Please type or fill in with BLOCK letters)


Family Name:________________________First Name:______________________________


Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________

Postal Code:_____________ City:___________________ Country:_____________________



FEES (Only one participant per form)



Registration before May 1st



Registration from May 1st



Hotel Deposit (Price of one night – see the list of hotels below)




Conference Dinner, August 31st



Optional farewell lunch, September 1st




Total DKK



Hotel reservations will be made on a “first come - first served” basis

Arrival date at hotel:       /       2002  -  Departure Date:       /       2002



Single room

Double room DKK per night

Scandic Hotel Copenhagen



-  ’  - double as single



The Mermaid Hotel



All room rates include breakfast, tax and service charges. All rooms are with bath or shower. The deposit will be deducted the final bill upon checking-out from the hotel.

Special wishes (e.g. vegetarian) _________________________________________________

If you will be sharing your room with another participant please indicate name of the person

you will share with: __________________________________________________________


All payments must be made in Danish Kroner (DKK) only and to the order of “Health-Trends”, c/o Conventum Congress Service.

Payment may be made as follows: Please mark box: r

r By bank transfer to account No. 9543 760 00 64023 (“Health-Trends”) in

BG Bank, Gammel Kongevej 160, DK-1850 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

r By bankers draft or cheque drawn on a Danish bank.

r By postal giro to Danish account no. 279 6309 (“Health-Trends”).

r By credit card; the total amount to be charged must be written here: DKK___________. By my signature I authorize Conventum Congress Service to charge the amount stated above to: 

Access r              Eurocard  r              JCB card  r         Mastercard    r     Visa  r               

Card No:__________________________________ Expiry date:_______________________

Control no.(3 or 4 digits after the card no. printed on the back of the card): _____________

Cardholder’s name:______________________ Signature:_____________________________

Remember to state participant name and “Health-Trends” on all payments

 Date:_______________________ Signature:____________________________ 

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